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How can you as an HR motivate the employees?

The whole human resource management is considered as the backbone of an organization. It serves as a pillar upon which the whole organization lays. Therefore, it becomes very important for an employee to become a key player and manage all the roles he is supposed to perform. One of such roles is to motivate the […]

5 Most Innovative Apps That Have Revolutionized the World

Many apps have been developed, but there are only some of them that stand out from the others. These apps have changed the world within no time. They have established their own position in a way that life without them seems impossible. Let’s look at some of these apps that have revamped the world for […]

5 Teaching Tips to Teach Students with Learning Disabilities

A neurological disorder that results from the difference in the way a person”s brain is wired is called learning disability. These processing problems interfere with the basic learning skills of a person. These problems include reading, math, or writing. They even affect the higher level skills which include time planning, organization, abstract reasoning, and short-term […]